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ONE POUND of Our Very Own Artisan Blend of pure cane sugar and Certified Organic Gourmet Provence, France lavender buds!  
A TRUE taste of Provence, the French use lavender in their daily cooking and baking. Cream of the crop lavender buds, blended here with 100% United States produced Pure Cane Sugar.  Our Provence Lavender Sugar blend features a subtle but heavenly scent and flavor of French lavender.  Not at all overpowering.  
This is not 'confectioner's powdered sugar'!  It's 100% pure cane sugar from the United States, blended to a wonderful Super Fine (baker's) texture.  
Made in small batches to preserve quality and consistency.  Fabulous for dusting cookies, cakes, scones and muffins, and incredible when used in lemonade, coffee or tea.  Equally suited for cooking, baking, beverage and table use!
1 lb. net weight. 
We also invite you try our new Provence France Lavender Sugar, or pre-order our new Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Sugar!   

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We have received both acclaim and accusation for “packing too well”, which we don’t believe is even possible, especially when antiques and vintage glasswares are involved!  In addition, all our packages are inspected, tagged, wrapped and sent in new boxing and packing materials, and are insured in case a shipper drops the ball (or your package) after it leaves our little cabin-based business.  This is our livelihood and our survival depends on our integrity and the trust of our clients and customers.  We genuinely appreciate your business and trust!  Please feel free to contact us with any concerns!  …The Glory & Grace family