DuChamp Inspired Rustic French Iron Wine Bottle Tree Glass Mug Dryer Rack

$ 42.00 $ 46.84

Available in 3 finishes!  

I don’t remember how I functioned without one of these on the counter!   

Inspired by the Marcel DuChamp French antique bottle dryers, our Fabulous rustic chic iron dryer rack is counter-top sized for wine bottles, beer bottles, baby bottles, glasses, cups, etc.  

Our dryer is like the true, old French wine bottle dryers, with a nice heavy flat base ring for stability, so there is no toppling over.

Rubbed bronze finish, cleans simply with a damp cloth.  Three-tiered rack holds 15 bottles or glasses.  Dryer measures 13 inches tall, 8 inches across the top, and a base diameter of 9 inches. 

This dryer rack is available 4 finishes:

New Penny Copper


Gold Metallic