4 Perfect Vintage Green Depression Glass Sherbet Dishes

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As many of you know, vintage glass and kitchenwares are my first love!   I'm excited that we're finally going to be adding my large collection of those here for you, interspersed throughout several of our collections.  Please keep watching for Depression glass, vintage American produced pottery and china, and some rare kitchenware items!

These Depression glass sherbet dishes have a nice uranium glow under blacklight!  Produced by Federal Glass Company from the late 1920's to the mid-1930's, with a simple optic pattern, each is in perfect condition with no nicks, cracks, flakes, chips or cloudiness.  Each dish measures 4" across at the top, and stands 2-3/4" tall, marked on the base with the Federal Glass "F in a shield" mark.

We ship all glasswares via Priority Mail only.  Each dish will be individually wrapped and foam packed to insure it arrives in pristine condition.  (We've been shipping antique glassware and pottery worldwide for over 20 years, and we have it down to a science!)