Galvanized & Iron French Planter Tubs

$ 159.00 $ 177.50

These are my new personal favorite planters!  If you have priced planters at the garden centers, you'll know what a value it is to be receiving BOTH of these iron and galvanized tubs on stands for the price of one at the garden center!

They're not just for summer, you'll be using these all year 'round! They make awesome holders for magazines, books, knitting, etc. next to your most comfortable chair, or all those condiments and grilling tools on the patio or deck!

Set of two. Large: 17" x 12½" x 23". Small: 14½" x 10½" x 16".   The metal tags on each bin read: "Exp tod Int Ale D'Avigulture. Lyon 1957. Lynx De Pologne Prix D'Honneur."  

Nest for storage; easy assembly required.