Library Accordian Wall Lamp

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We love these lamps, and are excited to bring them to you! 

These wall lamps are remininescent of the old scissor/accordian style library lamps -- already distressed and burnished perfectly!

Great in studies, bedside or in small nooks, this extension wall lamp is finished in black and is wonderfully utilitarian and stylish.

From the wall to front of shade, with scissor arm closed, each lamp measures 14 inches out from wall, 8 inches in diameter at widest part of shade, and 16 inches tall at the wallplate. 

Extended length will vary with your desires, but at its fullest, is 26 inches from wall to front of shade. Wall mounting plate is 5-1/2 inches wide, 3 inches deep and 16 inches tall.  Shade tilts nicely and stays where tilted.

Electrical cord (NOTE:  These lamps are ready for hardwiring, but are easily adaptable for wall outlet plug-in use!  *We quickly and easily wired ours with the purchase of a lamp replacement dimmer switch cord with plug, and are happily using them as bedside lighting!*

Recommended 60 watt maximum bulb.