Rustic Blue French Garden Filigree Iron Plant Stand with 3 Pots

$ 65.00 $ 96.00

We love all things rustic French.  This iron plant / flower pot stand with its filigree top is the epitome of both.  Versatility permeates most of the items we bring to you, allowing these treasures to adapt to your needs, and this is one of those.  It's perfect for the front porch, patio or deck, and it is just as fabulous in the kitchen holding utensils or herbs, in the bath to corral soaps, makeup, washcloths and hair supplies, or as we do-- by the door for keys, sunglasses and dog leashes in its pretty blue metal pots! 

This stand would be fabulous in the kitchen to hold utensils or produce, or in the bath to corral soaps, hair supplies, makeup or washcloths!  We even use one by the front door for keys, sunglasses and dog leashes!

Stand  the stand folds flat for storage.  Measures 18½" long, 7" deep, and stands 34" tall.