Glory & Grace Stainless Steel Finish Rustic Industrial Farmhouse Wall Mount Wire Bin Shelf, Chalk Tags

$ 87.00 $ 119.87

Glory & Grace Exclusive!  

Featuring a smudge-proof stainless steel finish, our large, sturdy metal and wire multi-bin has three wire bin baskets, each with a chalkboard tag.

Amply sized to hold all your produce and fruits... or keep all your kitchen towels stacked for easy access!

Excellent in the office, crafts room, bath, or even your guest room for easy-access storage for guests!

There is a top shelf that runs the entire length of the unit, providing yet another storage option!

This item measures 24½" long, 9¼" deep and 12" tall.

Hardware: Color Matched Wood screws for mounting are included. For safety, this item should be securely mounted.