Rare Vintage 1950's Hocking Glass Frosted Gay Fad Tumblers, Set of 8

$ 60.00

Gorgeous, unused set of eight Hocking Glass frosted tumblers, each decorated in the hallmark floral pattern of Gay Fad Studios.  There are two of each color: pink, yellow, green and blue.  Each stands 4-5/8" tall, and holds 14 fluid ounces.

These beauties belonged to my grandmother.  I don't ever recall her using them -- they just resided beautifully on a shelf in her glass cabinet.

How can I part with these (or the other heirlooms we have in the shop)?  We have 3 generations of heirlooms from both sides of my family, and it's time to pass on the very best ones to create memories and heirlooms for other families.  I know you'll cherish them as much as I always have.