Rare Vintage Platinum Rimmed Made In Japan Pottery Waffle, Syrup Pitcher Breakfast Set

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Vintage mid-century waffle batter breakfast set.  Creamy white with bright orange polka dots rimmed in platinum! 

Set consists of a batter pitcher with lid, syrup pitcher with lid and a tray to hold them.  Batter pitcher measures 8-7/8" tall, and 6-1/2" from handle to spout tip;  Syrup measures 5-5/8" tall, 4-1/4" across from handle to spout tip.  Tray measures 10-1/2" long x 6-1/2" wide.

Marked Made In Japan, with mark #66D from page 29 of Carole Bess White's First Edition Made in Japan Ceramics. 

** Did you know that many Made In Japan pieces were lost to us?  The U.S. imported untold tons of pottery from Japan; colorful patterns that brightened the kitchens of Depression weary Americans.  Then, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.  Shopkeepers and housewives across the United States destroyed their Japan pieces in protest and horror over the events of December 7, 1941.  Others packed them away in storerooms and attics, not to be used again.  Few survived, and the ones that did are precious, happy pieces that can instantly brighten a shelf, cabinet or table.  We adore these pieces, and are so excited to be bringing our own collection to you! **